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Inova Health Care Services Board

The Inova Health Care Services Board of Trustees is primarily responsible for oversight of the operation, quality and effectiveness of patient care services throughout Inova.


  • Charles H. Smith (Chairman)
  • Jack Ebeler (Vice Chair)
  • Richard Magenheimer (Treasurer)
  • Charles Beard (Secretary)


  • Mary Agee
  • Robert Ahmed, MD
  • Charles Beard
  • Arshed Choudhry, MD
  • Hugo Davalos, MD
  • Jack Ebeler
  • Michael Frey
  • Sarita Gopal, MD
  • Betty Hudson
  • Gerald Hyland
  • Hooks Johnston
  • Mark Moore
  • Dean Morehouse
  • Carolyn Moss
  • Phil Nolan
  • Patrick Rhodes
  • Mary Schmidt, MD
  • J. Knox Singleton
  • Charles H. Smith
  • Mark Stavish
  • George Tawil, MD
  • Robert Tsien


Governance Affairs 
8110 Gatehouse Road
Suite 200, East Tower
Falls Church, VA 22042