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Inova's Environmental Sustainability Program

Inova Health System understands that being a responsible member of our community requires that we do our part to not only keep our patients and employees healthy, but to help keep our earth healthy as well.

Inova believes that this vision can be accomplished through thoughtful consideration of the effects of our actions on our surrounding community and the environment.  From the energy we use to power life-saving medical equipment to the materials purchased for new construction projects, Inova is committed to incorporating environmental sustainability into all aspects of our core business operations.  This requires balancing superior patient care with the intersection of the environment, the economy and our community.

Our Environmental Mission

Inova Health System is committed to establishing an environmental program that contributes to a safer and healthier environment for our patients, employees and community.

Our Environmental Focus

Inova has identified several key areas of focus to help pursue the strategic and operational goals of our environmental initiatives. Read more about our history of environmental leadership arrow

Connecting Human & Environmental Health

The health of our environment and the health of the people in it are closely connected. Click here to learn more about how waste, pollution and chemicals can be harmful to your health, and to learn more about the healthcare industry's specific impacts. 

What have we done for the earth lately?

• Sponsored the Buy Fresh, Buy Local program
• Held 5 environmental educational fairs
• Gave out 3,000 native tree seedlings
• Planted new trees on all of its campuses
• Our younger patients helped plant the "Garden of Hope",
to provide therapeutic activity for patients encourage discussions on healthy eating
• Adopted a purchasing policy promoting environmentally preferable products
• Instituted the use of Green Seal cleaning products
• Developed a "green" construction policy
• Held environmental educational events for employees
• Started employee "Green Teams" at each hospital