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TomoTherapy™ is a newer form of radiation therapy that treats cancer with extreme precision. It significantly improves accuracy by imaging the target tissue immediately prior to treatment and making tiny, split-second adjustments for any patient movement or internal organ movement.

Inova offers Northern Virginia's only TomoTherapy system at Inova Fairfax Hospital.

TomoTherapy technology targets tiny "beamlets" at the patient from 360 degrees. When a beamlet is pointed at the target area or tumor, it switches on. When it is pointed at normal tissue, it switches off.

The TomoTherapy beam is tuned down just seconds before treatment begins to make a diagnostic-type CT scan of the patient. Technicians use the scan to more accurately position the patient for the best results. The entire process including imaging, repositioning, and treatment usually takes no longer than about 15 minutes.

The precision of TomoTherapy allows a higher dosage of radiation to reach the target area, minimizes radiation exposure to healthy tissue, and reduces potential side effects and complications.