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Educational Opportunities

Residency programs 
The Inova Fairfax Hospital/Georgetown University Transitional Residency Program provides clinical training in general medicine, pediatrics and emergency medicine to physicians entering sub-specialty training programs including ophthalmology, emergency medicine, radiology, neurology, physical medicine, rehabilitation and others. The transitional program integrates participants into current residency programs and provides a varied educational experience. Residents acquire knowledge and skills related to the medical diagnosis and management of adult and pediatric patients and participate in the care of critically ill patients. Emphasis is placed on understanding the pathologic and physiologic mechanisms of disease and on the principles of diagnosis and treatment. Residents are responsible for both diagnostics and therapeutic management, and are expected to perform and participate in the same manner as those who are at similar experience levels in currently existing teaching services.

Graduate medical education 
Inova Fairfax Hospital Department of Medicine has a long tradition of dedication to Graduate Medical Education throughout the region. Currently, house-staff from Georgetown University Hospital, George Washington University Hospital, Virginia Commonwealth University and the National Capital Consortium rotate on our internal medicine wards and the CCU and ICU. There is an established academic infrastructure consisting of teaching rounds, morning report, noon conference, morbidity and mortality conference, medical grand rounds, chief of service rounds and physical diagnosis rounds for our trainees. The program is supported by two chief medical residents and a dedicated group of staff and community physicians who are a balance of general internists and medical specialists.

Undergraduate medical students
Inova Fairfax Hospital Department of Medicine is one of the most highly sought after sites for medical student education in the region. Partners in the education mission include Virginia Commonwealth University, which has an Inova Campus, Georgetown University and George Washington University who send both junior and senior students to Inova on a monthly basis.

Twenty-five students every month integrate into the daily operations of the hospital to learn from the departments top clinician educators. Clinical experiences include the coronary care unit, the medical intensive care unit, the general medicine wards, ambulatory general internal medicine, and subspecialty experiences in the junior year for some schools in nephrology, cardiology, gastroenterology and infectious disease medicine. Opportunities in the senior year are expanded to include nearly every section of the Inova Fairfax Hospital Department of Internal Medicine.

Students who are interested in undertaking a rotation within one of the provided clinical areas are asked to call the Office of Undergraduate Medical Education at 703-776-6699. This office will assist all affiliate students and assist those from all accredited medical schools in completing the necessary application.

Continuing medical education (CME)
Inova Fairfax Hospital is proud to be accredited by the Medical Society of Virginia for continuing medical education. Inova Fairfax Hospital Department of Medicine is actively involved in providing CME activities to its physicians through numerous programs. There are regularly scheduled conferences which consist of medical grand rounds, neurology grand rounds, oncology grand rounds to name a few. In addition, members of the Inova Fairfax Hospital Department of Medicine are active in the organization and planning for large annual conferences, such as the breast cancer program, the pulmonary and critical care program, focus on women’s health and various cardiovascular and gastroenterology programs throughout the year.