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10 Reasons to Choose Inova Children's Hospital

1. Dedicated faculty

Inova pediatric hospitalists are dedicated teachers, excellent role models and are available in-house 24 hours a day. Residents round five days a week on the wards with the pediatric hospitalists. Pediatric subspecialist representing every field are also available to residents. Teaching rounds with the subspecialists as well as formal lectures are scheduled throughout the week. Faculty are enthusiastic and devoted to resident education. Many have won teaching awards and have been recognized as “Top Doctors” in the Washington, DC, area. 

2. Highly diverse

Inova Children's Hospital is the only children’s hospital in Northern Virginia and provides comprehensive services to the children and families from a variety of socioeconomic, racial, ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Proximity to Washington, DC, exposes residents to patients who have newly immigrated to the United States and who have unique medical conditions. Residents see a variety of common “bread and butter” pediatric problems as well as rare medical conditions. In the PICU, residents provide care to post-op congenital heart disease patients.

3. Balanced call schedule

Interns participate in the night float system. During the four individual 4-week rotations, interns have one week of night float each rotation. The night float system has made Q4 calls obsolete.

4. Helpful support system

Each intern is assigned a “big sib” who helps him or her transition into the intern year. During the first year, interns also choose a mentor in their field of interest or someone with whom they have enjoyed working. Residents meet with their mentor and the program director twice yearly to discuss their progress and any issues that arise. The program director, Dr. Donnelly, is motivated, innovative, approachable, open to change and a true advocate for the residents. Nancy and Steve, program coordinators, are always around to lend a supportive ear, a hug, or anything else you may need.

5. Moderate class size

The medium class size and the caring nature of the program create a cohesive, family-like atmosphere. Residents get to know each other very well and still want to spend time together after a long day of work!  Numerous social events are organized and held both at residents' homes and other locales in the Northern Virginia/DC area. Residents socialize with the attendings at spirited resident vs. attending monthly basketball games and at annual softball and soccer games. 

6. Beautiful location

Inova Children's Hospital is located in beautiful Northern Virginia, approximately ten miles west of Washington, DC, serving one of the country's most rapidly growing and desirable areas. The proximity to Washington, DC, and the surrounding Maryland and Virginia countryside provides countless opportunities for outdoor recreation, cultural outings and nightlife. 

7. Recognized research site

The diverse clinical settings at Inova Children's Hospital make the program an attractive research site. Interns participate in a year-long research curriculum focusing on how to formulate and carry out a research project. Every year Inova residents present posters at the annual Pediatric Academic Society meetings and other research forums.

8. Supportive ancillary staff

Inova boasts excellent nursing staff, case managers, child life specialists, respiratory therapists and social workers. The staff are very friendly, helpful, and enhance residents' learning experience through bedside teaching and hands-on training. They serve as allies in ensuring the happiest and healthiest hospital stay for young patients.

9. Epic electronic medical record system

Epic electronic medical record system was implemented in fall 2012. Epic is a leading hospital healthcare IT company. A single database connects patient information throughout the Inova system, including hospitals, clinics and physician offices. Patient records are easily accessed and shared. Residents enjoy the efficiency of having all the information they need for their patients in one place.

10. Free food

Free catered meals are provided every day at morning conference and at least once a week at lunch. Program coordinators Nancy and Steve are generous with meal tickets during months requiring overnight work. Meal tickets are redeemable at the cafeteria, The Heart Healthy Café, The Park Avenue Café and the coffee carts throughout the hospital.