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Past and Future

How it all began

Inova Translational Medicine Institute (ITMI) is the combined vision of Inova CEO Knox Singleton and renowned surgeon and scientist John Niederhuber, MD, to transform the practice of medicine from reactive to predictive. Reactive medicine is designed for groups. Treatment is based on trial and error and fails to account for personal characteristics. Predictive medicine reverses this paradigm. Instead of waiting for a patient to get sick, the predictive model uses genetic information from individuals to customize care and effectively manage or even prevent conditions such as cancer, heart disease, stroke and diabetes. This innovative model saves time, money and resources.

The future of health

As the era of personalized, predictive medicine replaces the era of population health,technology will accelerate individualized diagnosis and treatment. Soon, patients will have
all the information they need to monitor their health on their cell phones. Doctors will have access to a full, continuously updated picture of each patient, enabling even greater customization of care.

ITMI’s vision for the future is focused on groundbreaking ways to leverage this technology to share the information it collects with the world. Plans are in the works to create a Google-like search engine that translates genetic data into medically relevant information to help drive decision-making at the point of care. Once this product is built and tested, ITMI will make it available to hospitals and healthcare providers worldwide.