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NVTC and Inova partnership

As a member of NVTC, you have access to the finest in personalized medicine programs with Inova.

You put a lot of time and money into your business, your home and your car because you understand that maintenance and investment are critical to peak performance. Why settle for any less for yourself? Inova offers two elite personalized medicine programs for executives and busy individuals who value time and the importance of personal attention.

Concierge Medicine

Inova Concierge Medicine is your answer to convenient and nearly immediate access to a physician, day or night. Combining the convenience of innovative subscription medicine programs with the world-class resources of Inova, you are assured of undivided attention, superior preventive medical care and personalized education on health and wellness. Learn more.

Executive Health

Inova's Executive Health program offers an unparalleled blend of exceptionally trained medical professionals and advanced technology to detect illness at its earliest, most treatable stage and to prevent chronic conditions from escalating. Learn more.

Watch Inova Corporate 360 client, Terri Feely's testimonial

BONUS: NVTC members receive an exclusive discount on Inova's top-of-the-line executive health screenings.

Among the services available:

  • Comprehensive medical and family history review
  • Comprehensive health risk and assessment profile
  • Chest X-ray
  • Treadmill stress testing by a board-certified cardiologist
  • Extensive laboratory testing
  • Thorough fitness assessment and exercise training
  • Vaccinations including flu and tetanus
  • Nutritional assessment and counseling
  • Colonoscopy (optional)
  • CT scan (optional)
  • Mammography (optional)

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