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Information for Residents

Download these required GME forms which need to be completed and submitted to the IFH Office of Graduate Medical Education prior to the start of your rotation. You will not be allowed to check-in for your rotation if any paperwork is missing or incomplete.

If you have questions regarding the GME check-in forms, please contact the Office of Graduate Medical Education at 703-776-2626.

Welcome to the Department of Medicine inpatient rotations. Rotation specific goals and objectives, competency based curriculum with reading lists and monthly schedules will be emailed to you prior to the start of the rotation. You will also have access to Amion to check the daily on-call schedules of faculty and residents.

Please note that all invasive bedside procedures at Inova Fairfax Hospital require direct supervision by an attending, fellow or a moonlighter credentialed by the Inova Medical Staff Office to do the procedure. This means the supervising physician should be with you but you may be allowed to perform the procedure based on your comfort and competency. Please note that this policy may differ from your institutional program policy but must be followed even if you have been signed off on such procedures by your program director. Please notify your attending physician, on-call hospitalist or intensivist or the chief medical residents if you need any assistance with invasive procedures. Examples include: lumbar puncture, thoracentesis, paracentesis, central venous lines, etc. Nursing procedures such as foley catheters, peripheral IVs and nasogastric tubes may be done by residents and interns with prior experience on performing them or under supervision of a senior resident.

Residents are not to touch, place or manipulate a Swan Ganz catheter at any time without the presence of a qualified cardiologist or intensivist at the bedside of the patient.

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