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Inova Children's Hospital Pediatrics Residency Program uniquely combines the academic rigor of a university based hospital, the complexities of subspecialty pediatrics, and the family atmosphere of a community program.

Located on the Inova Fairfax Medical Campus in beautiful Northern Virginia, about ten miles outside of Washington, DC, Inova Children's Hospital serves one of the country’s most rapidly growing and desirable areas. Our patient population is tremendously diverse, both in terms of ethnicity and pathology.

doctor at the bedside of young patientTradition of excellence

Inova Children's Hospital has been educating residents and medical students for more than 25 years. The program helps residents establish a broad-based and humane framework for the understanding of illnesses affecting children and young adults. This provides the basis for a lifetime of professional learning and development to continually enrich one’s pediatric knowledge and care.

group of doctors listening to Chief ResidentBroad clinical experiences

From cardiothoracic surgery for complex congenital heart disease to the Inova Cares Clinic for Children (ICCC) for underserved children, residents learn by directly caring for children in inpatient, emergency and outpatient settings. The strategic absence of inpatient subspecialty fellows ensures that residents actively participate in patient care, regardless of complexity. Residents develop clinical skills in inpatient, outpatient and emergency settings. They also become comfortable with such issues as healthcare delivery, patient advocacy, and public policy.

Launch your professional career

Upon completion of the program, residents are fully prepared to enter general pediatrics or to begin subspecialty training. Approximately half of our residents pursue careers in primary care. The program’s friendly and informal atmosphere allows residents to closely interact with community pediatricians and explore varied employment opportunities in the Northern Virginia and Washington, DC, region.

doctor listening to heartbeat of young childResidents who choose to leave the area or to pursue subspecialty pediatrics benefit from the large national network of resources and contacts established through their close interaction with our diversely trained subspecialists and general pediatricians. It is a point of pride that our residents usually get their top choice for fellowships and have their pick of general pediatric positions.

10 Reasons to choose Inova Children's Hospital

  1. Dedicated faculty
  2. Highly diverse
  3. Balanced call schedule
  4. Helpful support system
  5. Moderate class size
  6. Beautiful location
  7. Recognized research site
  8. Supportive ancillary staff
  9. Epic electronic medical record system
  10. Free food!
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