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Inova Surgical Critical Care Fellowship is a 12-month program consisting of the following rotations:

  • Surgical critical care service (SCCS) – 8 months
  • Cardiovascular ICU (CVICU) – 1 month
  • Pediatric ICU (PICU) – 1 month
  • Trauma/acute care surgery service – 2 months
  • Vacation – 4 weeks of paid time off may be taken during the 12-month fellowship period. Vacation weeks should not be taken during the PICU or CVICU rotations


The SCCS, comprised of the trauma/surgical critical care faculty, covers mainly the trauma ICU, but also provides consultation to patients in all other critical care units in the hospital. The SCCS census runs at between 10 and 20 patients per day. The patient mix is mostly trauma, but also includes general surgery, vascular, thoracic, transplant, plastic surgery, maxillofacial, obstetrical, and gynecological patients.


The CVICU rotation is supervised by the director of critical care for Inova Heart and Vascular Institute. The patient population consists of postoperative cardiac, thoracic, and major vascular surgery patients, including heart and lung transplant, aortic and heart surgery, lung resection, esophageal surgery, and minimally invasive cardiothoracic procedures.


The PICU rotation provides the fellow with exposure to a wide variety of critically ill pediatric patients, including postoperative cardiothoracic and pediatric surgical patients, trauma, and nonsurgical illnesses. The rotation is done with the PICU team comprised of the attending intensivists, pediatric and emergency medicine residents, and medical students.

Trauma/acute care surgery

The trauma/acute care surgery rotation includes clinical care of patients in the intermediate care unit, general wards and Emergency Department. The fellow will respond to trauma codes and supervise trauma resuscitations performed by residents, with oversight by the trauma faculty. The fellow will take night call for trauma/ACS during this rotation.