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Quiz for Spine Patients

Once you have viewed the educational video, please complete this required brief quiz below. When finished, click "Submit." Your results will be sent directly to the Spine Care Navigator. If you have questions, contact us at 703-391-3636.

Which Inova hospital?

At which Inova hospital are you having your surgery?

Quiz questions

1. I should shower with chlorhexidine gluconate* (CHG) before my surgery.

*Chlorhexidine gluconate is an ingredient in Hibiclens and Exidine. A sample will be given to you during the Back in Action class. Most drug stores carry the brand name Hibiclens.

2. It is okay to continue taking aspirin before my surgery.

3. I should cough, deep breathe and do frequent ankle pumps after my surgery. I will be asked to get out of bed the day of my surgery. Even if I go home the day of surgery, walking and expanding my lungs (occasional deep breathe and cough) will prevent complications.

4.  I will be asked to rate my pain using a 0-10 scale. 10 would indicate the highest level of pain.

5. Please include any additional questions you may have below.

Was our online education helpful?

Do you feel that this online education gave you the necessary information to prepare you for your upcoming spine surgery?

If no, what do you feel we could have done better?
Any additional comments?