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How to Host a Blood Drive


Why Become a Blood Drive Coordinator?

Why not? Coordinating a blood drive has many benefits:


  • It is a great community service project
  • It offers a wonderful team-building opportunity for local businesses and organizations
  • It allows you to be a part of the life-saving team that is Inova Blood Donor Services

How to Plan a Drive

1. Harness Your Potential and Build Momentum!

  • Gather potential donors (at least 38)
  • Circulate a Donor Commitment Form PDF
  • Follow-up with your assigned Account Manager

2.  Create the Drive (3-5 months before desired blood drive time-frame) 

  • Select a date and time
  • Secure an appropriate venue (bloodmobile or inside set-up)
  • Set a goal for the blood drive.

3.  Build the Drive (8-12 weeks before the event)

  • Gather other volunteers to assist with recruiting efforts
  • Work with Account Manager on a strategy to educate and motivate donors
  • Work on logistics (equipment, volunteers and other resources needed to run the drive)

4.  Recruit and Schedule Your Donors (3-6 weeks before the event)

  • Post your IBDS marketing materials in prominent areas throughout your neighborhoods and communities to advertise your upcoming blood drive
  • Set up your blood drive online
  • Encourage donors to schedule appointments in person, by email and on marketing materials

5.  Final Details (3-7 days before the event)

  • Confirm donor appointments
  • Confirm volunteer assignments/duties/posts
  • Verify the status of the venue’s accommodations for donors, staff and equipment
  • Check-in with your Account Manager for any last minute details

6.  The Big Day! Your IBDS Blood Drive

  • Designate someone (yourself or a volunteer) to meet with the mobile operations team to set-up equipment/displays before the event
  • Designate volunteers to staff the registration table for the duration of the blood drive
  • Contact donors who miss their appointments

7.  Blood Drive Wrap-Up (1-2 weeks after the event)

  • Recognize and thank donors for their gift
  • Send/post results from the blood drive
  • Remind donors that they are eligible to donate whole blood in 56 days and double red cells in 112 days
  • Confirm or schedule the next blood drive