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Partner With Us

Washington Capitals

Washington Capitals

The partnership with the Washington Capitals started with our first blood drive on October 25, 2008. Donors received their choice of either a Green, Federov, Backstrom or Ovechkin jersey t-shirt and a pair of tickets to a Caps home game. Caps alumni Peter Bondra signed autographs and took photos with donors and fans. We registered more than 440 donors and collected 394 units of blood.

After the success of the first drive, the partnership continued with spring and fall drives. During the summer of 2010, the Caps held their first summer drive at the Dulles Donor Center in Sterling, VA. Donors not only received a John Carlson jersey t-shirt but Carlson himself showed up at the blood drive to sign autographs and take photos with donors. He even donated a pint of blood!

From 2008 to 2010, IBDS and the Washington Capitals have collected more than 2,400 units of blood, saving more than 7,330 lives! 2011 promises to be another record-breaking year.

Washington Nationals

Washington Nationals

In 2010, the Washington Nationals and Inova Blood Donor Services formed a partnership to sponsor blood drives. Two drives were held at Nationals Park during the summer–a time when blood is in high demand and donations are in short supply. The drives featured tours of Nationals Park and included appearances by Nationals pitcher Tyler Clippard and team mascots. Donors gave more than 750 units of blood. In return for their giving, each donor received two tickets to a Nationals home game and a limited edition bloodhound. In 2011, IBDS will sponsor two more blood drives in June and August. We look forward to seeing new and returning blood donors and Nationals fans!

Washington Wizards and Washington Mystics

WWashington Mysticsith the success of the CapWashington Wizardsitals blood drives and the need for more minority donors, Inova Blood Donor Services formed a partnership with the Washington Wizards and Mystics, two other Monumental Sports & Entertainment teams, in 2011, “We collected more African-American units than we do in a month’s worth of drives,” Adam Bartholomew, IBDS Senior Development Officer, states about the January 22 blood drive. Those units will increase the likelihood that sickle cell anemia patients will receive blood containing compatibility traits that are predominately found in units donated by donors of the same ethnic background. IBDS walked away with 368 units of blood and is looking forward to increasing the blood drive numbers through this new partnership.

George Mason University Patriots

George Mason University Athletics

George Mason University and Inova Blood Donor Services have sponsored joint blood drives since 2003. It wasn’t until 2008, however, that a solid partnership with the Athletic department was established to help the university take the title of the CAA Blood Challenge. From 2008 to 2010, IBDS and George Mason University collected more than 1,440 units of blood for the CAA blood challenge and for the patients in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area. Thanks to the students, staff and community surrounding the university, more than 4,300 lives were saved! The record-breaking collection of 806 units of blood in 2010 also pushed George Mason into the number two spot behind Drexel University. This year, we will work extra hard to make George Mason #1!

Unit Totals Collected at Partner Events

11/21/09 412
6/12/10 421
8/28/10 350
6/25/11 443

1/22/11  368
4/9/11  265

GMU Athletics
Date Units
10/15/08 285
11/2/09  353
11/15/10  806

Community Supporters

Thank you for providing our blood donors with tasty treats to make their donation experience even more enjoyable!
  • Chick-fil-A
  • Papa Johns
  • American Tap Room-Reston