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Comments From Our Donors

"Your staff is so nice. I look forward to being here every two weeks."

"I appreciate having this donor center convenient to my home. Great, friendly, fast, and expert service."

I really enjoyed donating for the first time. The staff were very easy to talk to and enjoyable to be around."

"Ellie was skillful, efficient, and cheerful."

"I give as often as I can on a regular basis and try to encourage other people to donate."

"Everyone was friendly and helpful, too, in answering questions."

"I have notoriously hard veins to stick and always have trouble donating. If I had had trouble today, I may not have come back for a while, but Stephanie did an excellent job and got my vein right away."

"Everyone is so pleasant. It makes it a pleasure to donate."

"This is my first time giving. I have been chicken for years. I was really pleased with the experience. I look forward to giving in the future. Thanks!"

"One of the best donation sessions ever! The staff was professional, personable, and efficient. Great job Inova!"

"Cornelio was fabulous. Great sense of humor, great technician. Most painless experience I ever had. Thank you."