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Inova Blood Donor Services needs to continuously recruit donors to meet the growing demand for blood in our community. A very successful method of recruiting is to show donors how they can make a difference in someone’s life. By sharing your story, potential donors can relate their blood and platelet donations to real life situations. Thank you.

To submit your story, either print out the brochure PDF to send via mail or fax, or email

Sadie Received Blood Donations from Inova Blood Donors


“On October 8, 2009, on Sadie’s 3 month birthday, doctors discovered a huge tumor in her neck. We were devastated to learn that it was a rare, solid cancer of the nerve tissue of the sympathetic nervous system called Neuroblastoma. Neuroblastoma represents 8% of all childhood cancers, but is responsible for over 15% of deaths.

Our first plan of attack was surgery, scheduled for mid-November. Our friend, Amy, worked on securing designated blood donations so that Sadie would have a good supply on hand for her big surgery. Amy contacted her network of friends and in two days six people identified themselves as the preferred blood type and were willing to be screened for the CMV virus that can affect infants with an immune system that is not fully developed. Countless others donated, whatever their type, in the DC metro area and across the county in honor of Sadie. The surgery was deemed a huge success!

The next phase of treatment was chemotherapy. After each round, she benefited from the generosity of anonymous blood donors, as she received numerous units of red blood cells and platelets. Whether it was a holiday or not, complete strangers provided these most wonderful gifts.

Sadie is doing well today. We are no longer pursing treatment but she is constantly monitored to make sure the cancer continues to abate.  

Please donate blood to provide a safe and adequate supply for Sadie and all of those who are treated for cancer.

Thank you,
Erin & Ethan (Sadie’s parents)


Jackson Received Blood Donations from Inova Blood Donors


“Since high school I have been terrified of donating blood. I volunteered through Key Club at a blood drive in tenth grade where two people passed out; it was all I needed to witness to keep me far away from blood drives.  My family has always gone and donated a couple times throughout the year, but not I. I selfishly never thought of how life saving a donation could be.
I have now seen firsthand how critical blood transfusions are for survival.  My three year-old son was diagnosed with a brain stem tumor in 2010 and had to endure ten months of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Jackson has had countless transfusions and without them he would not have survived the harsh chemotherapy treatments.  Throughout his course of treatment Jack had over ten red blood cell transfusions and over twenty platelet transfusions. I know what it is like to try and stop a bloody nose for over thirty minutes or be questioned repeatedly by doctors because my son has bruises covering his body all due to low platelets.  I have carried my son's listless body when he is pale, weak, and nearly unresponsive due to dangerously low hemoglobin and in desperate need of red blood cells.  And I have seen my son's color return, energy bounce back, and bloody noses cease when he received a transfusion.

I have been inspired by all the generous souls who donated for my son, many unknowingly so. Today, for the first time, I overcame my fear of passing out, and gave my first donation.  My blood pressure was a little elevated from nervousness and I asked to sit for extra long afterwards just to be safe.  Yet, the entire time I was donating I couldn't stop thinking of how I was helping someone. An easy act of kindness on my part was lifesaving for another.  I now, more than ever, am so thankful to all those who donate blood and so happy I am now a member of the club.”


Kristin Dundon (Jackon’s Mother)



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