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Eligibility requirements for weight loss surgery

Inova follows eligibility requirements for weight loss (bariatric) surgery established by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Individuals must have a body mass index (BMI) of 40 or greater. In the presence of additional health risks, also known as co-morbidities, you may be eligible for weight loss surgery with a BMI of 35 or greater. This translates to being at least 100 pounds overweight.
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The presence of health risks, also called co-morbidities, include high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes and sleep apnea, among others. All patients undergo a psychiatric exam to assure that they are emotionally able to work within the program guidelines after surgery.

BMI classifications

Classification  BMI  U.S. Population 
Overweight  > 25.0  60 percent
Obese (class I)  33.0 to 34.9  18 percent
Obese (class II)  35.0 to 39.9  
Clinically severe
obesity (class III)
 > 40.0      5 percent

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