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Specialty Programs

Inova Comprehensive Cancer and Research Institute, with locations at its five nationally recognized hospitals in Northern Virginia, is at the forefront of cancer diagnosis and treatment. Our state-of-the-art specialty oncology technology is complemented by the expertise and compassion of multi-disciplinary specialists and other clinicians dedicated to the health and welfare of patients with cancer and their families.

Inova Breast Care Institute

The Inova Breast Care Institute is committed to providing expert care for women dealing with breast cancer. Our multidisciplinary team of more than 80 experts provides a full range of comprehensive services and programs, from diagnosis through treatment and recovery. With access points throughout Northern Virginia, Inova provides breast cancer care for more than 1,000 women each year – more than any other healthcare provider in the area.
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Cancer Genetic Counseling Program

You may wish to consider cancer genetic counseling to determine the risk of hereditary cancer in your family. Most adults with cancer are not genetically predisposed to developing malignancy, but a small number of families do carry a hereditary predisposition. The Genetic Counseling Program is available to all Inova Comprehensive Cancer and Research Institute patients and their families. Call 703-970-3209 to schedule an appointment.
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CyberKnife® at Inova Fairfax Hospital

CyberKnife® is an exceptionally precise, non-surgical radiation treatment for many different kinds of cancer available at Inova Fairfax Hospital, the number one-ranked hospital in the DC metro area.
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Inova Fairfax Hospital Advanced Endoscopy Center

The Inova Fairfax Hospital Advanced Endoscopy Center is the first of its kind in Northern Virginia. Our physicians utilize some of the most innovative endoscopic technologies available to successfully treat both cancerous and non-cancerous diseases of the digestive tract, conditions that once required traditional surgery.
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Inova Interventional Oncology Program

This comprehensive and coordinated program draws together a multidisciplinary team of specialists to deliver the best possible outcomes to adults and children with tumors of the liver, bile duct and pancreas. The program is the only one of its kind in Northern Virginia and has locations at Inova Alexandria Hospital and Inova Fairfax Hospital. 
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NanoKnife™ at Inova Alexandria Hospital

NanoKnife™ is a minimally invasive cancer treatment that precisely targets and kills hard-to-reach tumors. NanoKnife allows treatment of difficult-to-reach tumors that in the past would be virtually impossible for surgeons to remove.
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Inova Fairfax Hospital Stem Cell Transplant Program

Patients with certain diseases such as lymphoma, leukemia or multiple myeloma may be referred to the experts at Inova Fairfax Hospital Stem Cell Transplant Program for a bone marrow or stem cell transplant. Inova pioneered the first autologous bone marrow transplant in the area in 1989 and continues as a leader in transplant procedures. Our transplant services are located on the Inova Fairfax Medical Campus.
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Inova Thoracic Oncology Program

Patients dealing with lung and esophageal cancer benefit from this fully-integrated, multidisciplinary program that focuses on their unique needs.  State-of-the-art diagnostic services and the latest treatments, including minimally invasive options, are offered by a team of expert specialists unparalleled in the Washington, DC, region. 
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