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The Inova Interventional Oncology Program provides highly specialized, innovative cancer treatment that draws on the latest cancer-fighting technology.

Inova's interventional experts at Inova Fairfax Hospital specialize in treating cancers of the hepatobiliary system, including liver, pancreatic and kidney cancer. Inova Alexandria Hospital offers the specialized interventional treatment known as NanoKnife™, appropriate for hepatobiliary cancers and lung cancer.

What is interventional oncology?

Watch Dr. Sandeep Bagla, discuss overview of Interventional Oncology

Inova's interventional specialists utilize local regional therapy, one of the most exciting frontiers of cancer treatment. A single tumor or organ is precisely targeted with cancer-fighting agents such as heat, electricity, radiation or cancer-fighting drugs. The agents are strategically delivered to the tumor site through fine needles or catheters. A major patient benefit is that the surrounding tissue is spared, resulting in fewer of the side effects associated with traditional treatments and surgery.

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Patient support services

Inova has numerous programs and services dedicated to the support of cancer patients and their loved ones.

  • Life with Cancer™ is a resource providing information to enhance the quality of life for those affected by cancer
  • Patient support services includes the varied resources Inova offers its patients
  • Our online health library is a collection of patient-friendly health information