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Patient Testimonial

Diann Dodge

Diann Dodge, a 68 year-old Alexandria resident, was diagnosed with two large cancers at once, one in each kidney. It looked like she was going to need both of her kidneys removed and she would need to start hemodialysis right away.

Luckily Diann met with the Inova Interventional Oncology team at Inova Fairfax Hospital. They had a solution that didn't involve removing both kidneys. Instead, she had surgery on her right kidney where the tumor was centrally located. The left kidney was treated with minimally-invasive percutaneous cryoablation, a method of killing the tumor by freezing it through cryoprobe.

Diann was able to go home the same day as her cryoablation and was amazed at how quickly her pain subsided. “The care here was simply remarkable," she said. "I was treated as though I was the only patient in the center."