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Research is an integral part of the Inova Interventional Oncology Program. Our team enrolls patients in different national clinical trials. Check our list of open and enrolling trials. Our goal is to make enrollment in clinical trials easier for everyone, improving patient care and facilitating the translation of world-class therapies to those who need it most.


Randomized Phase II clinical trail in the evaluation of the optimal management of patient with unresectable metastatic colorectal cancer to the liver that has not been treated with chemotherapy.


One of our clinical research trials, Electromagnetic Tracking of Devices during Interventional Procedures, is sponsored by Philips Healthcare. An imaging device called PercuNav is being used to evaluate an experimental technique to better locate possible tumors.

Currently tumors are found with CT and ultrasound imaging, but tumors can be difficult to see with these method. The Electromagnetic Tracking of Devices technique uses pictures of the tumor with a CT scan. These pictures are then compared to the body with special equipment located in needles, catheters, or ultrasounds.

Position sensors located inside the metal of the needle track where the tip of the needle is at all times. A magnet locates these tracking devices like a miniature satellite system. The study device does not change the procedure in any major way, only slightly increases procedure time.