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Patient Testimonials

From cancer research to cancer survivor

Since immigrating to the United States five years ago, 56-year-old Nargis Paul has worked for a company that develops cancer medications. She never expected to become a cancer patient herself.

Nargis had suffered from a persistent cough for some time. She had never smoked. But when she complained of shortness of breath one evening, her family took her to the emergency room. A chest X-ray showed two suspicious masses on her lungs. Follow-up testing indicated the tumors were malignant. Nargis needed surgery to remove the middle lobe of her right lung.

Nargis said she expected the surgeon to make a large incision. She was thrilled to find that Inova surgeons could perform the surgery with two small incisions instead. She also was surprised at how little pain she experienced after recovery. Now this cancer survivor is back to work and breathing easy.

patient story - vivian williams - from page 5 of the Outcomes Report PDF