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Inova EAP offers worldwide coverage

Inova EAP and its network partnership are the world's largest integrated employee support service and work-life provider

  • 60,000-plus counseling providers nationwide
  • 10,000-plus international counseling locations in 200 countries

Why choose Inova's Employee Assistance program?

Inova Employee Assistance (IEA) has practical, easy-to-access answers for the real-life issues that can derail an employee from doing his or her best on the job.

Since 1981, we have continued to refine and expand our EAP offerings to meet the needs of an ever-changing workforce worldwide. Today Inova offers more than 1,800 providers in the Washington, DC, metro area, 60,000 counseling providers nationwide and 10,000 international locations in 200 countries. We proudly maintain a user rating of 96 percent or higher.


How we can help your employees – and your business

Family and behavioral health problems, alcohol or drug issues, debt worries, child and elder care are just some of the challenges that your employees may face. Inova Employee Assistance has solutions.

Our 24/7 EAP hotline and convenient online resources provide your employees easy, confidential access to the professionals and information that can help resolve problems. Inova's employee assistance professionals and resources provide:

  • Confidential counseling
  • Legal services
  • Financial services
  • Savings center
  • Identity theft services
  • Webinar training
  • Work Life referral services for child and elder care, home repairs, pet care and more
  • Wellness coaching
  • Lactation support
  • Online resources

We have a proven track record: 92 percent of the cases that originate with Inova Employee Assistance are resolved without referral to an insurance provider, saving money and time for both employers and participating employees.

You benefit from our expertise

  • We intervene effectively before problems threaten productivity
  • Our experienced staff offers in-person counseling and followup that is convenient for employees and their household members
  • We offer online and telephone services upon demand
  • We refer to services that do not consume medical benefits when appropriate
  • We manage worksite situations that threaten morale and productivity
  • We focus on immediate solutions

We coordinate clinical services with individual worksites. Employees find our counselors more convenient and non-threatening. Workers and supervisors appreciate meeting our staff before ever needing our services.

What sets us apart from other providers

  • Inova Employee Assistance and its network partnership are  the world's largest integrated employee support services and work-life provider
  • iFindCare is the world’s first mobile application to help individuals locate, reference and evaluate accredited child care and elder care providers
  • Robust promotional campaigns and higher than average utilization rates
  • One-stop shop for all your employees' personal issues and work-life needs
  • Seamless integration of all company benefits through Benefit ConnectSM
  • Quarterly utilization rate reports
  • Proactive account management from a dedicated IEA account manager
  • Extensive post-terrorism experience
  • Critical incident debriefings conducted onsite

Become an employer of choice

Inova Employee Assistance is an excellent employee benefit that puts you in good standing with prospective employees. But it's your established workforce that benefits the most from our EAP. Your employees are able to turn to Inova as a trusted, free resource that can help them through challenging times. And they will have you to thank.