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Why Choose BabyNET?

The Inova BabyNET team has a proven track record in the creation, implementation, and evaluation of preterm delivery prevention and successful lactation care management programs that make the difference in outcomes, costs, and satisfaction.

Each preterm birth costs an employer an average of $102,376. Inova BabyNET saves your business money by reducing preterm birth, reducing absenteeism or staff turn-over, reducing health care claims and increasing productivity.

Inova BabyNET customers average yearly return on investment (ROI) has been a saving of $3 for every $1 spent.

Breastfeeding reduces the employee healthcare costs. When women are encouraged to continue breastfeeding their babies due to a company's lactation program, the company experiences many positive benefits. Mothers with healthy children stay on the job, have fewer insurance claims, higher productivity and lower risk of obesity, breast and ovarian cancer.

Benefits of BabyNET

  • Decreased preterm labor rates
  • Decreased NICU days and stays
  • Increased awareness of pregnancy complication symptoms
  • High level of employee satisfaction with the program as an employee benefit
  • Return on Investment for employers

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