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Why Choose Inova WeightNET?

Obesity is second only to tobacco as the leading cause of U.S. preventable deaths and already costs $75 billion a year for related health conditions. The National Business Group on Health estimates the cost of obesity to U.S. companies at nearly $13 billion annually and over 9 percent of total healthcare expenses.

The American public spends approximately $46 billion a year on diet foods and merchandise, and it isn’t working. Inova WeightNET takes a different tack with weight loss and weight management. It is a comprehensive program that assists individuals with making long-term lifestyle changes that fit into their busy lives. One size does not fit all, or even just two, in Inova WeightNET.

The Inova WeightNET team has a proven track record in the creation, implementation, and evaluation of weight management programs that make the difference in outcomes, costs, and satisfaction.

Participant benefits

  • Integrate healthy lifestyle choices into daily living
  • Decrease weight and BMI (body mass index)
  • With weight loss, decrease individual’s chance for developing heart disease or having a stroke
  • With weight loss, improve blood pressure, triglycerides, and cholesterol levels, and decrease inflammation throughout the body
  • High level of employee satisfaction with the program as an employee benefit

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