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Diabetes Basic Class Testimonials

"Thank you for all your help and informative classes over the past few months. I have learned so much about this new lifestyle. Armed with the knowledge you've given us will make our journey much easier. I appreciate what you've given us."

"I am grateful for these classes. They gave me the insight I needed to take better care of myself and it also gave me the confidence to know I can control my diabetes. Everyone was wonderful. Thank you."

"I took this [Diabetes Basics] course on the recommendation of a friend, as she was telling me facts of which I was unaware. This course is superb in terms of quality. I have benefited greatly."

"After being diagnosed with diabetes, I enrolled in the Inova Diabetes Center education program. From almost the beginning, my disease has been well under control, and that is due in no small part to the things I learned in the program."

"When I found out I had diabetes, my response was shock and fear. By the end of the sessions, I had lost 50 pounds, my blood sugars were within normal, and I was able to come off my medication. The program and the staff changed my life."

"Excellent experience. I know so much more about diabetes. Staff was great, from the receptionist to the professional staff."

"[Diabetes Basics] is a must course for those who just found out they have type 2 diabetes. I learned so much about my condition and how to control it. It is a confidence boost to know we can do things to help ourselves. The lifestyle change is very reasonable to apply – the nutrition and exercise."

"My daughter was newly diagnosed with diabetes. The support and guidance they gave us was just what we needed as a family to move on and face this diagnosis in a positive way."

"Now instead of feeling depressed about [having pre-diabetes], I feel that through the knowledge I've gained, I have more control than I realized over my future health. This is by far the most valuable investment I've ever made and I wish to say a very big 'thank you' to those responsible."

"As a result of attending the pre-diabetes classes, I lost 60 pounds and feel great! I have made the [lifestyle] changes recommended in class in hopes of preventing diabetes in the future. Thank you for your help."

"As a result of the (Diabetes Basics) program, I lost 68 pounds and continued to increase my exercise. My last full blood labs were perfect- glucose 107, Hemoglobin A1C 5.6 and everything else was in the normal range."