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Psychological Services

Inova Kellar Center Psychological Services provides comprehensive testing and evaluations for children and adolescents who are suspected of having neurodevelopmental, learning and emotional/behavioral disorders.

Types of testing

Inova Kellar Center offers the following:

Children and adolescents who have difficulties with paying attention, concentrating, following directions, exhibiting self control, remaining seated, organizing themselves, or learning in school are appropriate for referral.

Other problems that are typically associated with attention and learning problems include:

  • Making and keeping friends
  • Getting along with family members
  • Controlling anger and frustration
  • Having problems with basic reading skills, mathematics, written and oral expression and listening comprehension

We will provide practical interventions designed to help your child or adolescent accommodate to his/her disability. These might include outpatient therapy services such as support groups, education or therapy for the child, parents or entire family. Mediation management including evaluation and ongoing monitoring is also offered.

What the testing and evaluation process includes

Inova Kellar Center's comprehensive testing and evaluation process typically involves the following:

  • Testing intake session. This one- to two-hour meeting with a psychologist will focus on gathering information from your child alone and from you and your child together. Information gathered about your specific concerns will assist the psychologist in determining the appropriate tests to administer.
  • Testing sessions. One or more testing sessions will be scheduled for a morning timeslot. A morning session allows us to capture your child's optimal performance. We make every effort to schedule testing sessions within two to three weeks of the initial intake appointment.
  • Consultation with teachers and other professionals (if appropriate). As part of the evaluation, we will contact other professionals working with your child such as teachers, tutors, mental health professionals or physicians, if they have relevant information to share. 
  • Review of previous records (academic, mental health, etc.). We will ask that you provide us with any records that are relevant to obtaining a comprehensive view of your child.
  • Testing review session. About two weeks after completion of testing sessions, we will conduct a review session. A psychologist will explain the test results and diagnostic findings. We will offer recommendations for therapy or treatment.
  • Detailed written report. You will receive a written report at the review session, including a comprehensive review of relevant background information, an explanation of testing results, and conclusions about the findings. We provide detailed recommendations so that you have a practical plan for creating effective changes for your child. If appropriate, we will provide referrals to professionals or services that your child may require.

Contact us

For more information about testing and evaluations, or to schedule an intake session, call us at 703-218-8500.