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Specialty Programs Sponsored by Inova Trauma Center

Inova Trauma Center is proud to offer safety programs and support groups to protect all the members of our communities. As Northern Virginia's only Level 1 trauma center, we know that trauma is the third leading cause of death in the United States and the most preventable health problem. Most of our classes and events are free, and many are geared to help protect children and teens.

Inova has joined with other local organizations to provide extensive community outreach to lower the number of deadly trauma accidents such as car crashes. One of our major goals is to educate teen drivers to help prevent tragedies resulting from unsafe driving or while under the influence. But we also have safety programs to protect the very young and older adults.

Trauma center staff also support and mentor patients who are adjusting to new lives after a trauma incident.

Injury prevention programs

Contact Linda Watkins at 703-776-3259 or for more information about Inova Trauma Center's injury prevention programs.

Reality Check

Students come onsite for a realistic overview of the traumatic effects of unsafe driving.

What's the Big Deal? Kids will be Kids

This underage drinking prevention program features workshops for parents of pre-teens and teens to help prevent the use of alcohol among underage teens. The program details the medical, financial and legal consequences of underage drinking as well as education on the culture of binge drinking in college.

Safe Kids Coalition

Inova serves as the leader of the Fairfax County Safe Kids Coalition. This is a chapter of Safe Kids Worldwide, a collaborative committee of organizations and community members with a vested interest in preventing unintentional injury to children ages 0 to 14. The coalition provides community-based injury programs for children and parents, including special events and educational outreach.

Stay on Your Feet!

Aimed at reducing the incidence of falls in those aged 60 and older, we deliver fall prevention seminars to local organizations that serve the over-60 population.

Sweet Dreams

Inova Trauma Center and the Northern Virginia Perinatal Council have teamed up to educate low-income and at-risk new and expectant parents about safe sleep and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Training in SIDS risk reduction practices is provided to case workers and health educators associated with community organizations who serve the target audience. Sweet Dreams also provides infant sleep sacks to participating parents to provide a safe alternative to blanket use.

Safe Kids Buckle Up and Car Seat Clinics

This child passenger safety program covers proper car seat use and installation. Training is provided to clinicians and patients in the hospital and to the community through seminars and outreach events. The prevention coordinators regularly participate with community car seat inspections. Inova Trauma Center and Fairfax Safe Kids Coalition hold their own inspections for the community several times a year.

Home Safe Home

Home Safe Home provides infant and child safety education to expectant parents, new parents and teen parents, as well as to local social services workers. Topics include infant safe sleep, falls prevention, choking hazards, suffocation, poisoning, drowning, and fire and burn prevention.

Bike Safety

Inova holds bike safety rodeos in Fairfax County, primarily targeted to low-income children. Rodeos include a lesson on bike safety, bike helmet fittings and giveaways of free helmets to participating children, and a ride through an "obstacle" course.

SAFE (Substance and Alcohol Focused Education)

This is a mandatory, court ordered program for teens 15 to 18 who are charged with a first-time alcohol or substance abuse offense.

Safety research

CIREN (Crash Injury Research and Engineering Network)

CIREN allows clinicians, engineers and crash reconstruction experts to analyze vehicle crashes and patient injuries to improve auto safety and reduce death and disability.

Support groups

Trauma Survivor Network (formerly Rebuild)

TSN offers support groups for survivors of general trauma, spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries.

Surgical Critical Care Fellowship Program

This 12-month program prepares fellows to function as qualified, advanced-level practitioners at the level of performance expected of board-certified subspecialists who manage critically ill surgical patients. Learn more.

Trauma Externship Program

The Trauma Externship offers pre-professional students considering careers in medicine, nursing and other allied healthcare professions an up-close view of quality trauma care. Learn more.