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Waiting Period

Organ offers are based on the following criteria, in this order: blood type of recipient, matching of tissue typing of recipient to donor, and waiting time. There is no urgency status for kidney recipients. The average wait times for an organ from a deceased donor is between four and seven years.

Sources for kidney donation

For kidney transplant, an organ is donated by either a living donor, or the family of a deceased donor consents to organ donation.

A deceased organ donor can provide a kidney and pancreas, or the pancreas alone can be transplanted after the recipient has already received a living donor kidney. This procedure is known as PAK (pancreas after kidney) transplant.

Surgery for a combined kidney/pancreas (K/P) or PAK (pancreas after kidney) can take six to eight hours. The incision for K/P or PAK is straight up and down the center of the abdomen; the pancreas is connected to part of the intestine.