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Research & Clinical Trials

The Center for Liver Diseases is proud to serve as a research site for a number of cutting edge clinical trials, epidemiologic and health service research protocols. Clinical trials involve examining the safety and efficacy of drugs (or new applications for drugs) to treat a specific liver disease or condition under controlled and closely monitored environment.

For our patients, these medications offer treatment options in addition to the standard treatment for their liver diseases. The center has also been a leader in genomics and proteomics research in liver disease. A large number of clinical trials, translational research protocols and other epidemiologic protocols are being carried out at the center. Patients seen at the center may have the option to participate as a research subject in one of the center's studies or protocols. The protocol best suited for each patient depends on the type and severity of their liver disease, past treatment history, and other specific health and medical criteria, which must be met prior to participating in a protocol.

For current clinical research trials or treatment protocols for patients with liver disease, contact Inova Center for Liver Diseases at 703-776-2109 or 703-776-3592.