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Pediatric Hospitalists

doctor caring for a tiny babyInova's pediatric hospitalists dedicate themselves solely to the care of hospitalized children. Our pediatric hospitalists are available at Inova Children's Hospital and Inova Loudoun Hospital. Hospitalists are onsite in the hospital 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and are available for admissions, inpatient consults or emergencies.


Inova Children's Hospital

Inova Loudoun Hospital

"A pediatrician away from home"

Our pediatric hospitalists serve as a "pediatrician away from home," enabling community pediatricians to dedicate themselves to their outpatients. Your child may have been referred to our pediatric hospitalists by your regular pediatrician or by a local emergency room or urgent care center. The benefits of having these attending physicians at your child's bedside include:

  • Daily evaluation of your child's condition during family-centered rounds
  • Access to your child's laboratory and/or radiology studies as soon as they become available
  • Working as a team with subspecialists, case managers, nurses and other healthcare members to ensure your child receives the highest quality of care
  • Re-evaluation of your child's care throughout the day, as necessary
  • Ability to discuss your child's care with you at any time

Frequently asked questions

How is my child's care coordinated?

The pediatric hospitalist and your child's regular pediatrician will work closely throughout the care process. The hospitalist will contact your child's pediatrician by phone, fax or email when your child is admitted to the hospital and again when he or she is discharged. This communication will help ensure a smooth transition back to your child's pediatrician. Your pediatrician is encouraged to contact the pediatric hospitalists at any time for updates regarding your child's care and discharge plans.

What if I do not have a pediatrician?

If you are new to the area or do not have a pediatrician, you can find an Inova physician online or call 1-855-My-Inova (1-855-694-6682).

How will I be billed for pediatric hospitalist services?

Every insurance plan that Inova accepts will cover charges for the Pediatric Hospitalist Program at Inova Children's Hospital. The charges will not appear on your hospital statement. You will receive a separate bill for hospitalist physician services.