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Genetic Testing for Children

Technological innovations and progress in the science of genetics afford unprecedented insight into the causes and factors that contribute to a wide variety of genetic syndromes and inborn errors of metabolism, including many rare diseases and disorders.

With an earlier diagnosis, we can prevent or provide treatment sooner in a child's life to positively affect health outcomes.

Inova Children's Hospital offers genetic evaluations and testing on an inpatient and outpatient basis for a variety of conditions. Genetic counselors work closely with a comprehensive healthcare team to offer all levels of genetic testing and related services for children and families.

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  • Meet our expert physicians 
  • Conditions for evaluation and testing include:
    • Birth defects
    • Birth malformations
    • Chromosome abnormalities
    • Unexplained developmental delay
    • Genetic syndrome identification
    • Hearing loss
    • Mental retardation
    • Neuromuscular disorders
    • Prenatal genetic counseling
    • Genetic syndrome identification

Locations and contact information

Inpatient care is provided at Inova Children's Hospital. Outpatient services are available through Pediatric Specialists of Virginia. Call 703-876-2788 for more information.