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Our Team

Patricia Kish, MPT, Clinic Director Patricia Kish, MPT, Clinic Director

Trish has been a Physical Therapist with Inova Physical Therapy Center since 1999. She has worked in the IPTC Landmark, Tysons and Ashburn clinics and was the director for Tysons and Ashburn for a cumulative total of 9 years. She graduated from Pitzer College in Claremont, California with a BA in Human Biology. After working in the biomedical field for several years she then attended the University of St. Augustine in Florida and graduated with a Master’s in Physical Therapy in 1998. Since graduating she has taken many continuing education courses focusing on manual therapy and orthopedics and received her Direct Access Certification through the APTA in 2010. Trish is currently working on her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Shenandoah University and expects to graduate in 2017. She has been a member of the APTA since 1996 and is proficient in Spanish. Trish enjoys being outside, spending time with family and friends and hopes to do more traveling!

“I find it very rewarding to make a difference in people’s lives everyday.”

Sujata Naik, DPT Sujata Naik, DPT

Sujata is an experienced physical therapist, practicing for more than 12 years in a variety of clinical settings. She is currently working at Ashburn IPTC. After graduating from Mumbai University, India, with a Bachelors degree in physical therapy (1989), she pursued her Master's degree in physical therapy while working at one of India’s largest and prestigious teaching hospitals, King Edward Memorial in Mumbai, India. After graduation, she has completed numerous continuing education courses in orthopedics and manual therapy. She is a certified ergonomic assessment specialist, MFR-certified therapist, and a certified personal trainer from NCSF. She received her Doctorate in physical therapy from Utica College, New York, in 2012. She served as clinical rehabilitation director for a large physical therapy practice in St. Petersburg, FL, and as an associate director for a Leesburg physical therapy practice before joining IPTC in Ashburn, VA.

“I believe in a holistic approach that is not only sensitive to the patient’s physical limitation but to their emotional and functional limitation as well. I work with patients through motivating them to break barriers of physical limitations in order to get them back in charge of their lives and abilities.”

Lori Johnson, MPT Lori Johnson, MPT

Lori has been practicing physical therapy for more than 18 years. She graduated in 1995 from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA, with a Master’s in physical therapy. She has vast experience in a variety of clinical settings including: outpatient orthopedics, outpatient cardiac rehabilitation, traumatic and non-traumatic brain injury and acute care. She has completed many continuing education courses in orthopedics, manual therapy, and treatment of neurological injuries. She has been a member of the staff at Inova since 2005. She enjoys treating all types of orthopedic injuries, athletes and neurological injuries. She has a special interest in rehabilitation of brain injuries.

Crystal A. Phelps, PT, MSPT Crystal A. Phelps, PT, MSPT

Crystal joined the staff at Inova Physical Therapy Center at our Ashburn clinic in 2004, after graduating from Marymount University with an MS degree in physical therapy. She specializes in orthopedic physical therapy with interests in manual therapy and the foot and ankle. She is currently working toward manual certification through the Maitland-Australian physiotherapy seminars, whose focus is on utilizing evidence-based medicine and advanced clinical reasoning. We are proud to announce that Crystal was published in the August 2007 issue of Physical Therapy Journal for her article on ultrasound which she started working on during her thesis in graduate school. She is an active member of the American Physical Therapy Association and the orthopedics section. She has enjoyed teaching undergraduate and graduate students in the clinic since 2006, became an APTA credentialed clinical Instructor in 2009.

Michelle Porter, PT, MSPT, COMT Michelle Porter, PT, MSPT, COMT

Michelle has been a staff physical therapist with Inova Physical Therapy Center since 2003. She graduated from George Mason University with a Bachelor of Science in biology in 1999. During her undergraduate years, she worked as a physical therapy aide in outpatient orthopedics, a personal trainer for Gold’s Gym, and high school cheerleading coach.  She also served two years as a professional cheerleader for the Washington Redskins. She graduated from Marymount University with a Masters of Science in physical therapy in 2002 and began working at Georgetown University Hospital with acute care and neurological patients. Michelle joined IPTC at the IPTC Herndon/Worldgate location from 2003-2007, specializing in aquatic therapy and manual therapy techniques. She transferred to Ashburn in the fall of 2007. She continues to stay involved with inpatient care working at Inova Loudoun Hospital. Michelle has completed multiple education courses with Maitland Australian physiotherapy seminars and has completed her certification for a clinical orthopedic manual therapist. She has a special interest in manual therapy, spine, pre-postnatal fitness, dance and sports medicine.

Jessica M. Stewart, PT, DPTJessica M. Stewart, PT, DPT

Jessica completed her undergraduate studies at Virginia Tech, earning a Bachelors of Science in biology and completing a minor in psychology. She continued her education at Marymount University where she graduated as a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Throughout graduate school she worked as a physical therapy aide in an outpatient orthopedic clinic. She began working at our Inova Physical Therapy Center at the Ashburn clinic beginning in October of 2010. She is an active member of the American Physical Therapy Association and orthopedics section. Her special interests include manual therapy, spine, sacroiliac dysfunction, and sports medicine.

"I use a multi-dimensional approach to enhance overall health, function, and quality of life."

Vera I. Walters, LPTA Vera I. Walters, LPTA

Vera has been working for Inova since March of 2007. She worked at our Inova Loudoun and Landmark facilities before joining us at Ashburn. She has taken continuing education courses that focus on manual techniques, including mobilization of the spine and peripheral joints. She has also taken part in back education training that has included ergonomics, posture, and body mechanics for home and the workplace. At this time Vera is taking teacher training for core stability and pilates.