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Inova Women's Hospital Fetal Care Program

Dr. Shen, mother and babyInova Women's Hospital Fetal Care Program provides pregnant women who are at risk or suspected of carrying a fetus with a congenital heart defect or other abnormalities with expert diagnosis and care for their unborn child. The center combines the high-risk pregnancy expertise of Inova Women's Hospital with Inova Children's Hospital's comprehensive pediatric surgical program, to provide a continuum of care.

Our mission

To provide comprehensive, coordinated care to the fetus and family in a comfortable and caring environment.

Our cardiac program

Building on the strength of our pediatric cardiac program including two heart surgeons, more than 20 cardiologists and cardiac ECMO, Inova Women's Hospital Fetal Care Program brings together our pediatric specialists to diagnose and treat pregnant women at risk of carrying a fetus with a heart defect. Each year, we perform more than 300 pediatric cardiac surgeries with an overall mortality rate of 1%.

How we diagnose and treat

Step 1
A pregnant woman at risk or suspected of carrying a fetus with a heart defect is referred to an Inova pediatric cardiologist by their obstetrician, perinatologist or family practitioner.

Kelly Gallo, RN
Kelly Gallo, RN
Patient Navigator

Step 2
A pediatric cardiologist diagnoses the fetus and refers the expectant mother to our patient navigator, Kelly Gallo, RN. 

Step 3
Our patient navigator contacts the expectant mother to schedule a half-day meeting with her family and our team of experts, including a geneticist, neonatologist, congenital heart surgeon and other pediatric subspecialists as needed. Our experts explain the nature of the unborn child’s condition, its causes and treatment options. At the same time, the family may tour our hospital.

Step 4
Our patient navigator follows up with the referring physician and cardiologist on the outcome of the family’s hospital visit. The navigator helps the expectant mother throughout the entire process of her hospital visit, delivery, surgery and arrival at home.

Fetal imaging

Diagnostic imaging, including fetal MRI, is available as part of our capabilities. Board-certified pediatric radiologists evaluate patients within 48 hours. These services are conveniently located at our Outpatient MRI Center. A physician referral is required to schedule a fetal MRI. Call 703-204-8333 to request an appointment.