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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Inova's history with residency programs? Inova Fairfax Hospital and Inova Women’s & Children's Hospital have a long history in preparing residents and medical students from nearby medical schools. We have primary residencies in internal medicine, surgery, family medicine, podiatry, psychiatry, pediatrics and pediatric emergency medicine. We have over 100 residents from Georgetown, George Washington, and Howard universities in medicine, obstetrics, and psychiatry. Many of the attending staff in our program have teaching appointments at Virginia Commonwealth University – Inova Campus. 

Where is Falls Church, Virginia and what is the local community like?  Falls Church, Virginia, is approximately 10 miles West of Washington, DC. It is located in a suburban area that has enjoyed explosive growth over the past 20 years. High-tech industry has established itself along the Dulles Corridor between Washington, DC and Dulles International Airport and with it has come an influx of new communities, retail centers and entertainment venues.  Fairfax County has one of the best public school systems in the country and it has been ranked by US News and World Report as a top region for young professionals. Click here to learn more arrow

Does the program participate in ERAS and match? Yes.

What are the restrictions on year of graduation? We do not have an absolute limit on time from medical school graduation but we prefer that applicants be within 5 years of graduation from medical school to apply to our program..

What are the minimum score requirements for USMLE?  We do not have a minimum USMLE score requirement but we do expect applicants to have passed all USMLE exams that they have taken to date.

Do you sponsor H and J1 visas? ECFMG sponsors J1 visas and the institution sponsors H1; we do accept both visas.

Do you require applicants to be certified by the ECFMG before the interview?  No, an applicant needs to be certified by ECFMG by the time he/she matches with us.

Do you offer observership or externship? No. 

Does the program consider applications from foreign medical graduates? Yes.

What is the last date for applying to the program? Sunday November 30, 2014.

Does the program require USMLE step 2 CS passing on the first attempt? Yes.

How many categorical and preliminary positions does the program offer each year? Our program has six categorical positions available each year. No preliminary positions are currently offered.

Is pre-match offered? No.

Does passing USMLE step 3 increase the competitiveness of the applicant? No.

Can I apply with step 1 and step 2 CS, and give step 2 CK after my application, such that I make sure my results of step 2 CK are available before the deadline for application? Yes.

Are there specific requirements regarding letters of recommendations? We require three letters of recommendation from US or Canadian physicians, including, if possible, the chair of Ob/Gyn or designee and a dean's letter (or equivalent).

How does the program incorporate didactic teaching and lectures? Our program will have one hour of protected teaching time every weekday.  From 7-8am Monday through Friday a series of lectures, skills labs and simulation exercises will be conducted. In this way all daytime and night float residents participate in the formal teaching conferences of the program. In addition, we believe that retention of information is much better when it is presented in smaller increments vs. longer 4-5 hour once weekly teaching sessions.

Are house staff required to do research? Yes, residents are required to participate in research during the course of their training. We have a research curriculum that starts intern year and which culminates in either a peer reviewed publication or regional / national presentation.  All residents will have a faculty research mentor and an annual research day will be held in the Spring to present the final projects of senior residents.

How many days of vacation do residents receive? Four weeks (28 days) of PTO, vacation, or sick days per academic year.

How often are residents on call? While this may vary by rotation, all residents will have a minimum of one complete day off per week, be off duty the day following an overnight call and have at least 10 hours off between all duty shifts. The incorporation of “night float” teams will minimize the need for 24 hour call periods. In scheduling work hours, our goal is to have learners who are well rested and motivated to gain the most out of the clinical experiences to which they are exposed. 

Does the department provide meals, scrubs, parking and transportation? The department provides meal tickets for residents when they are on call. In addition, all teaching conferences include refreshments. Scrubs are provided by the hospital. Paid parking is included for all residents and two-way cab service is provided if a resident is too fatigued to drive home safely.