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Why Choose Us

What makes Inova Medical Group Neurosurgery the best choice for me?

Our neurosurgeons practice in all areas of neurosurgery, but also have special expertise in focused areas, including spine, tumor, vascular, functional/epilepsy and skull base. As a group, Inova Medical Group Neurosurgery offers superior technical expertise for any neurosurgical condition. A team-based approach ensures that collective expertise and experience offers you the best possible surgical outcome. Our neurosurgeons are joined by office and hospital staff who provide seamless service during your encounter.

What are the qualifications of Inova Medical Group neurosurgeons?

Inova Medical Group neurosurgeons are board-certified/board-eligible neurosurgeons and carefully selected to offer a superior level of neurosurgical service. Our neurosurgeons have completed extensive accredited training, including subspecialty fellowships. See more credentialing information about each physician

Do I need a referral from my physician?

We recommend that non-urgent conditions be first seen by your primary care physician so that the proper tests and studies are completed prior to your visit with us. Depending on your condition, your doctor may order a CT, MRI or other test. These tests are necessary for surgical evaluation. However, if you have already had these tests performed and have a hard copy or CD of your scans and test results, we do accept self-referrals.

Do you offer second opinions?

Yes. Neurosurgery is a complicated field, and two highly qualified neurosurgeons may have differing yet equally valid opinions. A second opinion can provide confirmation of a recommended strategy or offer an alternative treatment. Our neurosurgeons can guide you through the process and assume your care if you choose.