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Our Research Studies

At Inova Translational Medicine Institute (ITMI), we are collecting and analyzing data on a scale unmatched by other genomic research labs to make important discoveries for the future of healthcare. In our groundbreaking studies, we are looking for answers to tough medical questions about childhood development, rare disorders and chronic diseases.

Current research studies at ITMI


Goals of ITMI studies

In our studies, researchers gather data from large and diverse patient populations to create genetic models of child development and people with chronic diseases. With our unparalleled datasets and extensive sequencing technology, our researchers are positioned to make important discoveries in the field of personalized healthcare. That can translate into more targeted and effective treatments and proactive medicine that may actually prevent disease.

Groundbreaking research capacity

ITMI research is breaking new ground with our ability to examine:

  • The largest and most diverse dataset of genomic sequences. Currently, we have research participants from 77 countries and whole genome sequences from more than 5000 patients.
  • Normal and abnormal genetic makeup. While other labs are sequencing genomes for a few hundred patients with a particular disease, we have data for thousands of people and their families with normal genomic make up and the ability to correlate this data with abnormal genetic makeup.
  • Clinical records. No other lab can correlate this scale of genomic data with patient records, a powerful source of information to understand the complete picture of an individual patient's health and personalize future medicine.
  • Several layers of genomic information. ITMI has the technology to examine whole genomic and exome sequences, and DNA, RNA and protein-level analysis – a combination of analysis found in few labs in the country.

Contact us

For more information, call us at 703-776-8199.