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Partner with Us

Collaboration has been essential for some of the most successful scientific endeavors. At Inova Translational Medicine Institute (ITMI), we engage in several collaborations to extend our ability to analyze massive amounts of data and make new discoveries about human health.

We seek to partner with researchers to investigate medical questions using our wealth of genomic and clinical data. We are also building bioinformatics collaborations to bring new knowledge and capacity to our ability to analyze, integrate and store data.

Current ITMI partnerships


ITMI collaborates with Personalis on whole genome analysis and interpretation for undiagnosed syndromes in an effort to provide patients and their families an answer for these difficult cases. The Personalis technology supplements a standard exome or genome, substantially increasing its medically-relevant coverage and accuracy. The partnership enables Inova to provide the most advanced and clinically appropriate genome analysis and interpretation to patients.

GNS Healthcare

ITMI works with GNS Healthcare to develop computer models capable of predicting risk of preterm live birth. The models will be built from ITMI’s massive database – which includes both normal birth and preterm birth family cohorts – using next generation sequencing and electronic medical record data. GNS and ITMI will license the models and corresponding software for use by health systems, pharmaceutical companies and biotechnology companies with the goal of more effective diagnosis and reduction in risk of preterm birth. Read the press release from GNS Healthcare.

Institute for Systems Biology

ITMI works with the prestigious Institute for Systems Biology (ISB) to develop bioinformatics technologies to support Inova’s large-scale whole genome sequencing projects. Through this partnership, we are building robust software tools that can acquire, integrate and analyze the complexity of integrated genomic and clinical information with the enormous amount of data that ITMI is collecting. These tools will move ITMI closer to discoveries to enable the practice of predictive and preventive medicine.

GenArraytion, Inc.

GenArraytion Inc. conducts molecular analyses of clinical isolates on ITMI samples. The study analyzes the ability to use genotypic signatures not only to accurately identify antibiotic-resistant organisms and further characterize these organisms quickly. This partnership brings ITMI research GenArraytion's proprietary library of highly discriminating genetic markers for numerous human pathogens and assay development experience.

Digital Infuzion

In collaboration with ITMI, Digital Infuzion is conducting a unique observational study involving the correlation between a child's genetic profile, their development and their long-term health. Ultimately, Digital Infuzion will develop a web-based portal and cloud technology for collecting patient data, reviewing study progress and providing subjects with access to surveys and study information. Read the press release.

Contact us

To explore a partnership, contact us online or call us at 703-776-8199.