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Diagnostic Tests

Inova's Epilepsy Monitoring Unit is a specialized inpatient unit at Inova Fairfax Hospital that offers state-of-the-art studies to confirm or further assess an epilepsy diagnosis.

Phase one testing

Phase one testing involves video monitoring of patients in a controlled hospital setting for three to seven days. During this time, a patient's body movements are continually monitored for changes in behavior and activity. Electroencephalographic (EEG) monitoring of brain activity is performed at the same time.

During their entire stay, patients are under the watchful eyes of Inova's epilepsy team members, which include neurodiagnostic technicians and highly skilled nurses and physicians.

Phase two testing

If the phase one tests are inconclusive, patients can proceed to a second phase of testing. This involves surgically implanting electrodes around the brain for several days to monitor seizure activity in more detail. Once a seizure focus is identified, the electrodes are removed and surgery is safely mapped out. (See extratemporal resections for more information.)

The expert neurologists at Inova's Functional Restoration Program work with patients with epilepsy to find the best management and treatment options possible. Email fhepilepsymonitoring
or call 703-776-4700 for more information.