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Types of Services

Below is a list of common surgical services and procedures we provide. Please check with your physician if the service you are looking for is not listed.

  • anesthesia
  • gastro-intestinal surgery
  • general surgery
  • gynecology
  • oral surgery
  • orthopedics
  • otolaryngology procedures (ENT)
  • plastic surgery
  • podiatry
  • urology

Why choose an Ambulatory Surgery Center?

Patients who choose to have surgery in an ASC arrive on the day of their procedure, have their surgery in a fully equipped operating room and recover under the care of highly skilled nurses. Patients of all ages, and their families, have told us that they benefited from the comfortable environment and personalized care.

Our ambulatory surgery center patients enjoy many advantages including personalized service, excellent medical care, comfortable and convenient facilities and low costs.

Download the "What are Ambulatory Surgery Centers?" brochure PDF