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Orthotic Fabrication

Inova Physical Therapy Center is dedicated to providing the highest quality and most effective orthotic devices. Your custom fitting includes a detailed measurement and casting of your foot, customized fabrication of the shoe inserts and assessment of proper fit and foot mechanic correction.

We require a prescription from your physician in order for services to be rendered.

Orthotic fabrication is done off site and is generally completed within two to three weeks.

Orthotics improve function and mobility by:

  • Applying or subtracting forces from the body in a controlled manner to protect the foot, ankle or leg
  • Restricting or altering motion to prevent or correct a deformity
  • Compensating for deformity or weakness

      Orthotic devices are created from many different materials but most use a combination of plastic, metal and leather. While simple generic orthotics may be purchased in a drugstore or sports equipment store, they are not customized to your needs or fitted to your foot and are less likely to be as effective.