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Visiting Hours

For all patients hospital wide

  • Each patient may select a patient care companion who is not considered a visitor. The patient care companion may have 24/7 access to the patient.

General visitation guidelines

When you visit someone in the hospital, remember all patient care areas are "quiet zones." When visiting a patient, remember the roommate's need for rest and privacy. Visiting hours may vary with each unit. To confirm visiting hours, call the nurses' station or call Patient Information:

  • Inova Fairfax Hospital: 703-776-4001
  • Inova Women's Hospital: 703-776-6000
  • Inova Children's Hospital: 703-776-6000

Visitors younger than age 12

Many units must limit the number of visitors or restrict visits by children younger than age 12. Please check with the nurse before entering.

Don't visit if you're sick!

Because many patients are especially susceptible to infection, do not visit if you have signs of a cold, flu or any other infectious disease.

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