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Fetal Care Program for Neurological Conditions

Using a multidisciplinary approach of specialty physicians and nurses, Inova's Fetal Care Program provides prenatal consultation and pediatric care planning for pregnant women identified as carrying babies with spina bifida and other neurological abnormalities, birth defects or medical problems.

The program provides the advantage of high-risk pregnancy expertise available at Inova Women's Hospital with our pediatric surgical and medical specialties.

When problems are identified, Inova Children's surgical and medical specialties are available for prenatal consultation, coordinated by our patient navigator, Kelly Gallo, RN. Kelly helps the expectant mother throughout the entire process of her hospital visit, delivery and surgery.

Because the fetal care, birth and pediatric care can all occur in the same setting, the family does not have to be separated from their baby at this criticalt ime.

Contact and referral information

To refer a patient to the Fetal Care Program, contact patient navigator Kelly Gallo, RN, at 703-776-6371, or email

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