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The Inova Shoulder Replacement Program offers coordinated care for patients whose arthritis or other musculoskeletal issues require shoulder joint replacement surgery.

Every year, thousands of patients experience improved quality of life after shoulder replacement surgery. A well-performed procedure can alleviate pain, improve motion, strength and function, and help patients return to the activities they enjoy.

World-class expertise

Inova’s team of experienced orthopedic surgeons performs the most shoulder replacements in Northern Virginia using advanced techniques. Our surgeons must meet strict participation criteria based on volume and quality indicators. This means our patients receive the highest quality care from leaders in the field, resulting in better outcomes and greater patient satisfaction.

Multidisciplinary, patient-centered care

Our surgeons, physician assistants, nurses and therapists use a multidisciplinary approach to educate and care for patients before, during and after shoulder replacement surgery.

Patient stories

Read about local individuals who have enjoyed the benefits of shoulder replacement: