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Structural Empowerment in Nursing at Inova

Nurses: Get the Tools You Need to Grow Including Education, Development, Scholarships and More.

Inova Alexandria Hospital (IAH)

In 2017, 76 professional development opportunities totaling over $80,000 were reimbursed by the IAH Foundation. Clinical staff from the Cancer Center, Labor & Delivery, and Pharmacy benefitted. Due to the collaboration between the Foundation and Nursing Administration, this is an increase of 400% from 2016. In addition to professional development, over $24,000 in scholarships was awarded to eight recipients by the IAH Foundation.

Inova Fairfax Medical Campus (IFMC)

The new Shared Governance Model developed and implemented at IFMC empowers and enables nurses at all levels across the organization to actively participate in decision-making structures and processes that establish standards of nursing practice and address opportunities for improvement. Communication is multidirectional with information shared at the unit as well as organizational level. Nurses at all levels are included in inter-professional councils, committees and task-forces.

Inova Fair Oaks Hospital (IFOH)

Shared Governance Councils at IFOH continue to focus on improving patient care and outcomes. Unit and hospital based councils work to improve the patient experience, support the professional development of the registered nurse, improve patient outcomes through process improvement and implementation of evidence-based practice projects. Through the support of the professional development council, over 92 nurses either obtained specialty certification or achieved RN3 or RN4 promotion in 2017. The clinical practice and safety council focused on improving workplace safety. All shared governance councils work collaboratively with the interprofessional team to achieve identified goals and to improve the patient experience. Communication between the council is multi-directional with information shared at the unit as well as organizational level. Nurses at all levels are included in inter-professional councils, committees and task-forces designed to improve care and patient outcomes. Ongoing preceptor development has impacted the practice environment supporting the enculturation of new nurses to the organization.

Inova Loudoun Hospital (ILH)

Nurses at all levels are included in Shared Governance Councils and Unit Practice Councils. The councils are designed to improve nursing care and patient outcomes as well as foster the growth and development of the professional nurse. In 2017, 47 nurses were promoted on the ADVANCE Clinical Ladder and 28 nurses were newly certified. Our Professional Practice Council sponsored an all-day Innovation conference, with topics ranging from Early Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) to the development of an Autism/Sensory Friendly environment in the Pediatric ED. This conference reached over 50 participants. At least 20 other nurses were able to attend professional conferences, such as National Teaching Institute (NTI), Emergency Nurses Association (ENA), and Magnet® with the support of philanthropic funds donated by the Stavish Family.

Inova Mount Vernon Hospital (IMVH)

In support of continued professional development, 12 IMVH nurses attended a Med-Surg Certification review class in 2017 and the Rehab Department purchased an online certification review course for the RNs in that area. As of December 2017, 10 Rehab nurses passed their certification and three Med-Surg Nurses became Certified Medical-Surgical Registered Nurse (CMSRN). Three nurses from the Emergency Department (ED) obtained their Certified Emergency Nurse (CEN), and Perioperative Services had two newly certified nurses: one Certified Nurse Operating Room (CNOR) and one Medical Surgical Certification. Also, IMVH sent 15 nurses to various professional conferences throughout the year. Professional Practice developed and implemented a new graduate nursing onboarding program. We continue to support community outreach through monthly Blood Pressure screenings in the community.