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8110 Gatehouse Road, Falls Church, VA 22042

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Maintenance Mechanic 2

Alexandria Hospital 601913 Full Time 4320 Seminary Road, Alexandria, VA, 22304, US

Job Description

Respond to requests for engineering services from customers during evening, night, and weekend/holiday shifts in a timely manner to resolve patient or staff concerns of an engineering nature. Acts as the Department of Engineering duty person on the evening, night, and weekend/holiday shifts to resolve requests for engineering assistance to the customer's satisfaction. Perform maintenance work assigned when not responding to service requests. Respond to any fire alarm with tools as a member of the Hospital fire brigade and assist in rescue of people stuck on an elevator. Adhere to departmental and governmental safety standards and departmental and organizational personal appearance policies.

Job Responsibilities
  • Responds to Spectralink telephone calls within 30 seconds of summons.
  • Responds to pager or overhead pager calls within 1 minute of summons.
  • Evaluates the urgency of the request and either responds to the site of the request immediately or in turn of requests received.
  • Provides any requester with an estimate of when he/she will be able to arrive at the requestor’s location.
  • Evaluate requests for engineering services to determine resources required to resolve the request to the customer’s satisfaction.
  • Accomplish work necessary to provide the requested engineering service if within the Maintenance Mechanic’s capabilities.
  • If the request is beyond the Maintenance Mechanic’s capabilities, evaluate if the request can wait until the next engineering day shift.
  • Notify appropriate Engineering Department personnel if additional resources are required to complete the customer’s request due to the urgency of the request or if the customer insists the work be done immediately.
  • Document any work accomplished by the Maintenance Mechanic.
  • Replace light bulbs and tubes in accordance with relamping schedule.
  • Perform preventive maintenance in accordance with PM orders provided by the supervisor.
  • Document maintenance work by noting necessary information on required equipment logs, work orders, or PM orders and submit to the Supervisor or relief as appropriate.
  • Respond to any fire alarm notification and report with assigned tools at the fire alarm site within 5 minutes of the alarm.
  • Respond to notification of any elevator malfunction within 5 minutes of notification.
  • Assist in the rescue of people stuck on an elevator if within the safety standards or have Safety and Security call the fire department to accomplish the rescue.
  • Evaluate the impact of the outage of any elevator and call the appropriate elevator company to repair the elevator if it cannot wait until the next normal shift.
  • Document fire alarms and elevator problems in the duty log.
  • Wear appropriate safety equipment and comply with departmental and OSHA safety standards at all time.
  • Keep personal workspaces and equipment in a safe and orderly condition Follow hospital infection control/universal precautions at all times
  • Maintain a clean, neat, hygienic, well-groomed, and professional personal appearance in accordance with departmental and hospital policies at all time.

Additional Requirements
  • Usual Workday Hours: 8 hours.
  • High school diploma or equivalent required
  • Three years experience as a maintenance worker in a commercial setting required. Knowledge of basic electricity and plumbing 
  • Must be able to communicate with patients and staff so fluency in English is a requirement. Must be able to work from shop drawings and blue prints. Must possess excellent customer relations abilities. Must be able to keep simple records.