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8110 Gatehouse Road, Falls Church, VA 22042

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Med Lab Scientist Med Tech 2-Full Time

Mount Vernon Hospital 602814 Full Time 2501 Parkers Lane, Alexandria, VA, 22306, US

Job Description

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Ensures quality specimens for laboratory testing by recognizing pre-analytical factors that adversely affect patient results. Operates systems/methodologies in order to produce timely and accurate data for patients, QC, and proficiency testing. Reports clinical data accurately and efficiently. Participates in departmental development by demonstrating operational knowledge and adhering to regulatory standards. Communicates effectively and works cooperatively with team members to optimize job performance and foster working relationships. Participates in professional growth opportunities to enhance personal, team, and departmental development.

Job Responsibilities

  • Uses time to departmental advantage; is flexible, adapts, multitasks.
  • Proactively assists other areas to maintain productivity and proficiency.
  • Restricts use of personal devices and inappropriate use of Inova computers or telephones.
  • Actively participates in problem resolution, thereby enhancing team and departmental development.
  • Provides constructive feedback and positive reinforcement to coworkers.
  • Communicates effectively with staff/management and clients internally and externally.
  • Reads and responds to e-mail as required by department and facility leader.
  • Attends departmental staff meetings/huddles or reads minutes and documents knowledge of contents per site requirements.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.
  • Evaluation by direct observation.
  • Follows standard protocol for patient/donor ID and specimen/blood product labeling including final verification.
    • Performs routine specimen collection per facility requirements. Demonstrates knowledge performing special procedures per facility department and based on competency assessment specific to those procedures.
    • Accessions specimens accurately and efficiently. Correctly cancels, adds, modifies orders. Enters physician orders according to facility policy.
    • Packages send out tests, transports samples to correct locations. Stores samples under appropriate conditions; pre and post testing.
    • Prepares and distributes specimens according to specimen requirement and priority delivery to departments.
    • Documents per facility process when a specimen does not meet acceptability criteria for result reporting.
  • Performs required QC procedures, including corrective action and documentation, for all procedures and instrumentation. Recognizes QC problems or discrepancies and attempts to determine cause of problem prior to notification. Notifies appropriate individual(s) regarding QC problems or discrepancies according to the established procedure.
    • Performs required maintenance procedures, including troubleshooting, corrective action, and documentation for all procedures and instrumentation. Recognizes instrument malfunction and attempts to determine cause of problem prior to notification. Notifies appropriate individual(s) including technical support regarding problems or discrepancies according to the established procedure.
    • Meets turnaround time expectation by prioritizing and organizing daily workload. Pulls pending report proactively to promote timely patient testing. Evaluation by direct observation.
    • Performs reviews. Retests critical results per procedure, investigates/resolves sample and data flags; ensures review of results by pathologists/supervisor as needed.
    • Uses department resources efficiently during instrument operation. Avoids urgent supply requests and inventory loss due to expiration. Properly receives and stores supplies. Inventories and submits orders per facility requirement or notifies appropriate individual. Evaluation by direct observation.
  • Reports accurate results. Minimizes the number of corrected reports not attributed to auto-verification or specimen conditions beyond technical control.
    • Uses computer skills to: evaluate data, document actions, pull pending reports, monitor QA (delta checks, previous results, flags, middleware operator alerts).
    • Reports and documents alert/critical values in accordance with SOP.
    • Documents variance reports per facility process.
  • Reviews technical activities for quality assurance per facility requirements.
    • Evaluation by direct observation.
  • Follows site specific SOPs and instructions.
    • Annually reads SOPs and documents knowledge of contents per facility process.
  • Adheres to laboratory safety procedures and processes at all times.
  • Completes Inova educational requirements by deadline.
    • Participates in continuing education per facility expectations or to maintain registry certification.
  • Assists and/or trains employees and students.
  • Completes in a timely manner all required documents associated with training and/or competency.
    • Evaluation by direct observation.
  • Develops and presents educational materials for staff and/or MT program lectures.
  • Can be in the form of in-services, both formal and informal.
  • Competent: No presentations Commendable: Presented or developed 1 in-service or lecture Distinguished: Presented 2 or more in-services or lectures.
  • Acts as a resource person/ key operator for coworkers, customers, or patients for technical questions. Demonstrates an expanded knowledge of technical and administrative tasks (LIS, HIS) beyond normal technical operations.
    • Evaluation by direct observation.
  • Serves as a laboratory CAP/AABB on site inspector. Participates and helps prepare lab for self and on-site inspections. Participates in laboratory clinical practice teams, Inova committees and hospital teams.
    • Evaluation by direct observation.

Additional Requirements
Preferred: 1 year in an accredited laboratory under the supervision of a pathologist certified by the American Board of Pathology.

Required: Baccalaureate degree from an accredited college/university in clinical Laboratory Science, Medical Technology, Histo/Cyto Technology, Chemistry, Biology, or Physical Science.

Must have one of the following Certification
-Technologist Certification or Laboratory Technologist Certification (HEW)
-Medical Laboratory Scientist MLS or equivalent

Clinical Laboratory Science training commensurate with ASCP requirements for examination eligibility. Clinical Laboratory Science training commensurate with ASCP requirements for examination eligibility