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Oncology Patient Specialist 2

System Offices - Telestar 608813 Full Time 2990 Telestart Court, Falls Church, VA, 22042, US

Job Description

Accuracy: Completes work assignments within established quality standards. Effective Communication: Communicates effectively with various audiences using the most appropriate method for the situation. Financial Counseling: Counsels patients on financial liability using available financial counseling tools to achieve maximum reimbursement for patient services. Insurance Verification: Verifies and enters insurance information and authorization/referral requirements. Patient Intake and Registration: Performs assigned duties related to the registration of patients. Patient Safety - Non-Nursing: Contributes to a safe patient care environment. Patient Scheduling: Completes assigned activities related to oncology scheduling and services within the cancer center. Problem Solving: Identifies, analyzes, and effectively solves problems. Service Excellence: Provides excellent service by identifying both internal and external customer needs and fulfilling customer expectations. Teaming: Contributes to fullest potential to achieve team goals. Workload Management: Manages completion of work assignments based on priority and due dates.

Job Responsibilities
  • Delivers an acceptable volume of work with high levels of accuracy.
  • Improves inefficiencies and minimizes repetitive errors by changing how work is done.
  • Shares errors trends and makes recommendations to improve results with staff/team members.
  • Accepts responsibility to review and correct errors before completion, and routes to others for review when appropriate.
  • Understands medical terminology in order to effectively perform duties as assigned.
  • Selects the most effective communication method considering the audience, type of message and intended outcome.
  • Distinguishes 'who needs what' information and delivers that information in a concise and timely manner.
  • Encourages open communication of ideas and opinions.
  • Ability to mentor other team members on communication methods and skills to foster effective and positive communication.
  • Explains insurance benefits and patient liability using appropriate communication methods/style.
  • Checks for understanding and answers any questions.
  • Conducts post-submission follow up on alternative funding applications.
  • Requests/secures balance due payments from patients in accordance with established policies and procedures.
  • Educates and assists patient with the completion/submission of applications for alternative sources of payment for healthcare services, including medical assistance programs, loans and grants.
  • Maintains current financial counseling reference manual.
  • Reviews documented insurance benefits and patient liability in appropriate system(s) to prepare for patient counseling session.
  • Identifies and communicates payer authorization and referral requirements.
  • Completes and documents in appropriate computer system.
  • Maintains updated authorization/referral requirements information and communicates to team members.
  • Applies knowledge of online payer verification systems to obtain and validate insurance information on a timely and accurate basis.
  • Determines patient financial responsibility and notifies patient and/or guardian as necessary.
  • Troubleshoots individual oncology admission and pre arrival issues in collaboration with other departments, providers, and oncology specialists.
  • Facilitates pre-admission by performing tasks such as routing test results or assisting patients with the billing or insurance processes.
  • Uses the electronic medical record computer systems to access relevant information needed to coordinate admission and patient pre arrival.
  • Maintains knowledge of current local/state/federal/third party regulatory requirements.
  • Reports safety hazards/violations and takes appropriate action to protect the environment and guests until help arrives if necessary.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of safety policies and procedures relevant to department/position.
  • Provides appropriate assistance to/on behalf of patients demonstrating or communicating a need for assistance.
  • Reports all near misses, accidents, and occurrences for patients, visitors and staff.
  • Observes working environment for potential and actual hazards.
  • Attends patient safety training and maintains up-do-date safety certifications if required for job.
  • Wears photo I.D. badge at chest level at all times and identifies self and role to patients and their families.
  • Uses system and regulatory compliance guidelines during the registration and scheduling process, to ensure proper patient identification, in support to patient safety.
  • Supports scheduling activities by conducting pre-service activities such as insurance verification/submission.
  • Proactively manages the scheduling system to identify and resolve potential conflicts.
  • Recognizes situations when medical procedures may require securing additional patient information such as medical records/test results.
  • Coordinates and provides pre-service instructions for patients having complicated or multiple examinations, tests and services.
  • Schedules a large number of appointments with a high degree of accuracy.
  • Recognizes specific scheduling needs/ requirements, based on the complexities of the services being scheduled (i.e. clinical needs, off-label treatments).
  • Understands medical terminology to effectively perform duties as assigned.
  • Transcribes accurate order entry in the electronic medical record, based on physician written orders, when scheduling within the cancer center, when applicable.
  • Knowledge of CPT, ICD codes in order to meet billing requirements when scheduling. Uses a logical process to identify the cause of the problem and develop an appropriate solution. Involves others in the problem solving process when additional input is needed. Recognizes when a problem needs to be elevated for resolution.
  • Gathers information about a customer complaint in a courteous, professional manner.
  • Provides information and assistance regarding complimentary services when scheduling problems occur.
  • Conveys customer feedback to all relevant individuals.
  • Presents clear and accurate information to customers when providing solutions to an issue.
  • Refers difficult issues to senior management.
  • Ensures that customer receives courteous treatment throughout the problem solving process.
  • Generates alternative solutions that will meet customer needs and expectations.
  • Partners with the Patient Experience team and the Oncology Patient Advocacy Group to identify and problem solve services or customer needs, to improve the patient and family experience.
  • Accepts and provides direct, honest feedback between team members in a non-punishing manner. Works effectively with team members to achieve team goals.
  • Supports group decision even if the decision differs from personal opinion.
  • Informs and consults team members, leaders and stakeholders as to potential barriers that impact team results.
  • Works collaboratively with all cancer center teams (clinical and non-clinical), and has respect for and understanding of the cancer center inter department teams.
  • Supports and mentors less experienced team members with existing and new processes for the integrity and success of the cancer center goals.
  • Schedules completion of tasks and assignments based on priority and due date.
  • Uses desktop tools to manage and track completion of tasks, including scheduling tools, task lists, and reminders.
  • Organizes and completes like activities at same time to increase efficiency and productivity.
  • Designates a specific time each day to work on routine activities such as email and filing.
  • Completes assignments by need-by date and communicates with requestors when additional time is required for completion.

Additional Requirements


High School diploma or GED


3 years of healthcare patient access experience/ healthcare revenue cycle experience, or 3 years related oncology medical office experience.


CHAA/CHAM within 1 year of employment.


Proven proficiency in multiple patient access functions, especially in clinic-based and hospital-based environments. Advanced communication and computer skills.