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8110 Gatehouse Road, Falls Church, VA 22042

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Psych Mental Health NP- ED

Center Personal Health 610730 Full Time 8095 Innovation Park Drive, Fairfax, VA, 22031, US

Job Description

As a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (NP), you will provide safe and effective care to ambulatory patients under the supervision of a collaborating physician. To help achieve our mission, you will utilize independent judgment in the assessment, diagnosis, treatment planning and provision of ongoing care to ambulatory patients in accordance with the Nurse Practitioner Licensure Regulations for the Commonwealth of Virginia and delineated in the written Scope of Practice/Protocol for Nurse Practitioners. Using evidence based standards, guidelines and protocols related to the delivery of patient care is of vital importance. Incorporating new information/approaches, when appropriate, to continuously improve patient care and practice is essential.

Job Responsibilities

  • Provides safe and effective care to ambulatory patients under the supervision of a collaborating physician.
  • Performs and clearly documents comprehensive patient assessments including history of present illness, past psychiatric and medical history including response to treatment, current medications, family history, social and developmental history as well as a mental status evaluations.
  • Obtains relevant collateral information from family members, friends and healthcare providers. Reviews pertinent medical/psychiatric records.
  • Develops a differential diagnosis that utilizes current diagnostic criteria and includes consideration of biopsychosocial factors that influence patient presentation.
  • Develops a comprehensive treatment plan that includes recommendations for diagnostic psychological or medical testing, psychotherapy and/or psychotropic medications – includes referral for higher level of care such as partial or inpatient hospitalization or addictions treatment if appropriate.
  • Discusses treatment plans with patients while providing education about diagnosis as well as risks/benefits of recommended treatment approaches and alternative treatment options when available.
  • Evaluates and documents patients' responses to care and makes adjustments to treatment as needed in order to optimize outcomes and assist patients in achieving greater stability, reducing distress, improving daily functioning/self-care and generating interpersonal relationships.
  • Provides ongoing education to patients/families in order to foster a collaborative treatment approach that encourages active participation in care.
  • Documents subsequent assessments/follow-up, patient and family communications, test results and communications with other behavioral health and medical providers.
  • Reviews patient assessments, differential diagnoses, treatment plans, responses to treatment and medical record documentation with collaborating physicians.
  • Adjusts clinical management of patients in response to clinical changes in condition.
  • Uses evidence based standards, guidelines and protocols for the delivery of patient care.
  • Incorporates new information and approaches, when appropriate, to continuously improve patient care and practice.
  • Demonstrates understanding of evidence based information, including standards, guidelines and protocols, and applies this information to enhance patient care and treatment outcomes.
  • Seeks out new evidence based information in psychiatry/behavioral health to apply to patient care in order to enhance outcomes.
  • Participates in professional organizations, quality improvement initiatives and the development of standards/protocols impacting the delivery of care.
  • Participates in protocol development to modify practice based on scientific evidence.
  • Ensures ongoing growth and development of clinical skills and knowledge by assuming responsibility for lifelong learning.
  • Provides direction and guidance to others regarding practice while serving as a resource and mentor.
  • Demonstrates leadership skills through participation in program development.
  • Recognizes behaviors that impact the provision of coordinated patient care and utilizes strategies to optimize teamwork while serving as a mentor for colleagues and facilitating the understanding of the role of the Nurse Practitioner (NP).
  • Identifies ongoing educational needs and actively participates in educational programs to enhance knowledge base and skill sets.
  • Seeks leadership opportunities by participating in program development and quality improvement initiatives.
  • Provides formal and informal educational programs to improve the clinical and professional knowledge of staff.
  • Maintains up to date certifications and licensures including DEA license.
  • Maintains current knowledge of, and adherence to, state and federal regulations governing the practice of NPs.
  • Demonstrates the ability to communicate effectively and work collaboratively with others.
  • Exhibits respect for and an understanding of other clinical disciplines while using an integrated approach toward achieving desired patient outcomes.
  • Demonstrates effective communication skills with patients, families and other healthcare providers in both written and verbal formats.
  • Collaborates with other healthcare providers and incorporates their expertise/input to enhance patient care and treatment outcomes.
  • Maintains collegial relationships with other healthcare providers to optimize the ability to provide collaborative care and enhance opportunities for peer based learning opportunities and quality improvement.
  • Facilitates communication between other healthcare facilities and providers to ensure continuity of care.
  • Assesses patients' learning needs and provides direct education and educational resources to patients to enable them to be active participants in their treatment.

Additional Requirements