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8110 Gatehouse Road, Falls Church, VA 22042

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Medical Assistant 2- Endocrinology (Ashburn)

Primary Care / Urgent Care - Ashburn 611496 Full Time 21785 Filigree Ct, Ashburn, VA, 20147, US

Job Description

Inova Endocrinology in Ashburn is seeking a passionate Medical Assistant 2 to join their dedicated team of healthcare professionals!

Job Responsibilities:

  • Is the educator and informal leader for medical assistants in the clinic and is a source of information on protocols, procedures, and clinical practice under the direct supervision of the provider.
    • Performs daily charts review with RN, LPN, physician as indicated by department and/or clinic. Assess the information indicated for the appointment for complete and total care of the patient as indicated by primary or specialty department requirements.
    • Performs general patient care responsibilities including checking schedules and organizing patient flow; recording patient blood pressure, height, weight; accompanying patients to exam/procedure room; assisting patients as needed with walking, assisting physicians/nurses; preparing patient for examination and treatment; relaying instructions to patients/families; answering calls and providing pertinent information under the direct supervision of the physician and/or RN.
    • Fulfills environmental responsibilities as assigned which may include: setting up instruments and equipment according to protocol; cleaning exam / procedure rooms, instruments and equipment between patient visits; ordering, sorting, storing supplies; restocking exam / procedures rooms.
    • Instructs patient in basic testing requirements, e.g., clean catch urine, point of care testing, etc.
  • Organizes medical records including lab results, x-ray results, consultations, progress notes and any other information required by the provider resulting in pertinent information available for the patient and provider at the time of the visit. Works with other leaders in the clinics to coordinate the care and the appointment needs. Adheres to and employs appropriate sterile techniques and universal precautions guidelines.
  • Assists with the identification of actual and potential risks to patient safety. Records Safety Always events and identifies causes of safety events along with the manager/director and the clinic staff. Works with clinical leaders to decrease safety events and identifies best practices to reduce safety events.
    • Assures patient results are communicated to patients in a timely manner when the results are normal and assures results are given to the provider if results are abnormal or critical in a time sensitive manner.
    • Provides information to patients so they may fully utilize and benefit from the clinic services.  Discusses referrals with the patient for continuity of care.
    • Assists with data collection for quality improvement activities. Meets with manager/ RN leader monthly on quality initiatives and data collection activities.
    • Participates actively in quality improvement initiatives and identifies potential improvement activities
  • Reports consistent patient data in a concise and thorough manner. Identifies patients' needs at appointment time through written and verbal interactions. Works with other medical assistants and clinical staff in guiding patient care under the direct supervision of the provider.
    • Seeks to improve the effectiveness of communication and interactions with others. Maintains records on referrals to specialists and assures attending physician has information in EPIC for office visit.
    • Communicates problems relating to patients and / or staff with practice manager quickly. Reports inconsistency in care to practice manager/RN Manager. Assures protocols are up to date and followed.
    • Demonstrates compassion and caring in dealing with others. Uses unbiased observations when caring for patients and reporting to the physician for care concerns.
    • Provides education on new protocols or initiatives and remedial education to other medical assistants as indicated by a safety event or a noted inconsistency in clinical practice.
    • Respects and promotes patient rights. Does not speak of the patient's medical or personal concerns in an open area and secures EPIC if not in use. Does not allow for a patient's chart to be open in an area where it can be readily viewed. 
  • Demonstrates participation in continuing education activities that enhance and expand employee's professional knowledge and abilities.
    • Maintains own Employee Continuing Education Record and completes all annual competency reviews.
    • Actively seeks certification and re-certifies as required by certification guidelines.
    • Provides education and information on new techniques and remains up to date on clinical practices relevant to the department.



  • Experience: One year experience working in a clinic, hospital or healthcare setting.
  • Education: High School diploma or GED and completion of an accredited Medical Assisting program with a diploma designation with consistent level of known leadership abilities and progressive education in the health care field
  • Certification: Medical Assistant (MA) Certification; Basic Life Support (BLS) from the American Heart Association
  • Special Skills: Medical terminology proficient, verbal and written communication skills, point-of-care testing abilities, and vaccination protocol.