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8110 Gatehouse Road, Falls Church, VA 22042

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Trauma Database Spec

Fairfax Medical Campus 616084 Full Time 3300 Gallows Road, Falls Church, VA, 22042, US

Job Description

The Trauma Database Specialist maintains trauma registry data integrity and makes programming changes as needed. Ensures that the data quality meets current department data analysis requirements. Manage the trauma registry database to support the department, hospital, and state requirements. Provides administrative and clerical support related to the data collection and database functions. Provides general computer support to staff.

Job Responsibilities
  • Maintains the structure and integrity of all data by performing regular quality checks as delineated in the Registry Quality Contol Plan and conducts maintenance on the database as needed.
  • Ensures compliance with IS, HIPPA, and all regulatory requirements related to the trauma registry, e.g., confidentiality and security, reporting requirements, etc.
  • Participates in the development, maintenance, and updates of the data dictionary for the trauma registry.
  • Ensures the availability of trauma registry data for timely reports to the state and others through chart closure within 90 days of patient discharge.
  • Ensures coding is accurate and appropriate to reflect patient acuity (ISS scores).
  • Ensures complete and accurate- data retrieval and abstraction for PI, research, clinical activities, and projects.
  • Maintains concurrent data collection and entry according to department guidelines/policy.
  • Reviews data for accuracy and completeness according to department guidelines/policy.
  • Creates queries, develops, and compiles standard and customized reports.
  • Utilizes various databases and import/export functions to facilitate database administration and management.
  • Requests medical examiner reports and autopsies for data abstraction and incorporation into the trauma registry.
  • Ensures the identification and inclusion of all trauma patients in the trauma registry through the management of the census list in collaboration with the trauma team and registration.
  • Submits the trauma patient list to the Financial Analyst monthly for accurate reporting of trauma financials.
  • Supports the PI program through screening and reporting of PI indicators to the Quality Leadership Manager.
  • Assists with problem-solving and supports staff with computer-related issues to facilitate efficient department/agency operations.
  • Monitors vendor performance to ensure effective and efficient use of products, service, and technical support.
  • Serves as a department resource for trauma registry applications, including user training and back-up support.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Additional Requirements


High School or GED - With additional education in anatomy/physiology, medical records, or ICD-9 coding.


3 years of experience


-Familiarity with medical terminology

-Critical thinking


-Microsoft Office